How to Capitalize on GoDaddy’s Domain Search as an Investment Option

Now’s the time to put your creative juices to work to possibly fund Christmas gifts, other Holiday Fun Money or even grow your retirement nest egg.

With so many options now available with new endings like .NYC, one could easily make a runway with the possible investment options.

The perhaps, best way to do this is simply sign up for Google Adwords account. Then, as you have one screen with Google Adwords and GoDaddy’s search options for domain names open in your browser. Simply begin to plug in topics to Adwords and notice the number of searches, cost per click and domain options in your screens.

As you begin typing in all your options. Open a new window to do a quick search of best domains sold on GoDaddy. Notice the various price points sold. Now, simply put on your “innovative business” hat on as you see what’s possible. Again, simply note: the number of searches, domain options, cost per click and highest price points sold on GoDaddy.

The next step is simply start scooping up domain names as you test small and then rNew-GoDaddy-logo_black-tagline-feb14amp up proven results/profits. Again, please make a note as too which domain names have sold recently to see if you can get in on your possible neo investment strategy.

Once you see what various price points of domains sold, cost per click, number of searches and domain options. Simply, begin to grab a couple based on your gut reactions or intuition as it best appears to you based on all this.

Another, option you might try based on all this is to consult the domain appraiser inside of GoDaddy. You’ll notice this option inside of GoDaddy once you’ve made a few purchases. By doing this, you’ll notice if your intuition or gut reactions are on point or not. you can also use one of these great go daddy promo code to help with your investment.

And, in order to again test small then ramp up proven results/profits. Notice the varying price points GoDaddy’s domain appraiser says your investments are worth. Then all you’ve got to do is simply rinse and repeat this process as often as you like–based on all this above.

Again, this simple investment strategy may take a little customization based on your goals, amount of capital to invest in this strategy and a little creativity to produce the desired outcome. None-the-less, good luck and happy domain hunting.